The Crawford County Sheriff says a suspect’s been arrested in the break-in a week and-a-half ago at a bank in Schleswig. Sheriff Tom Hogan says he learned a suspect in the May 10th robbery at the Bank of Iowa was picked up last night. The Altoona police department tells him they arrested Phillip Joel Knight, of the Des Moines area, on 2 counts of burglary and first-degree theft, and they’re making arrangements to have him brought from the Polk County jail up to Crawford County. Hogan says officers rounded up evidence that helped lead to their suspect. A little of the money’s been recovered and a cash drawer from the bank, so he says they’ll try and round it all up as soon as they can. Hogan says police in Altoona and Des Moines gave a lot of help in solving the case. credits “outside sources” for helping law enforcement make the arrest in timely fashion. The other agencies helped with mechanics and let the sheriff’s deputies use their facilities, but he praises “the help of the average citizen,” people who may know something about a case and are willing top tell authorities and help them solve a case. The case remains under investigation, and sheriff Hogan says he expects to make more arrests.