Iowa’s Attorney General has banned a Las Vegas telemarketing company from doing business in the state because of a gas coupon scam. Attorney General’s office spokesman Bob Brammer says the company used names such as American Values, U-Talk Unlimited, Wellnet, Blitz Media, and Washball.He says people would get a phone call saying they could get 200 bucks worth of gas for a little less than a two-dollar investment. Brammer says the offer was fraught with problems and the coupons ended up being of little or no value. Brammer says the gas coupons were a hook to get the people to give out their credit card information.He says the company would try to market a long-distance calling card, or a membership in a buying club, and even if the person said they didn’t want it, the company would still debit the person’s credit card. Brammer says the Attorney General believes the operation was shut down before it got too far. He says they know of 11 people who’re getting refunds, but he says there may be more people out there. He says if you answered the call and noticed the company illegally debited your credit card, you should contact the company, or better yet, contact the Attorney General’s office. With gas prices hitting a record level, Brammer says it’s not surprising that gas coupons are at the center of the problem.He says con artists always migrate to whatever is current, and in this case it’s high gasoline prices. You can contact the A-G’s office, or call 515-281-5926. Brammer says you should always be careful about giving out your credit card information to people or companies you’re not familiar with.