Iowa’s Attorney General campaigned a bit for democratic presidential candidate John Kerry today. Attorney General Tom Miller and four other democrat Attorneys General spoke during a telephone conference call with reporters to complain about gasoline prices. Miller says President Bush should have U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft open up an investigation of oil and gas pricing.Miller says the Federal Trade Commission has been looking at gas prices throughout the country, but Miller and the other Attorneys General say they’re willing to participate in a much larger investigation to ensure consumer protection laws aren’t being violated and there’s no breach of antitrust laws.Miller says the record gas prices are having an enormous financial impact on individuals and businesses and should prompt the kind of investigation Miller outlined. Meanwhile, George Bush’s sister, Doro Bush Koch is in Iowa today as part of a “W for Women” campaign tour. She says she’s on the leadership team of the coalition that’s signing up women to support the president.She says she talks about the many, many reasons why women should be behind the president. She says he’s “done a ton” to improve the lives of women, like making the country more secure. She says she feels safer at night with her brother in office and feels many people agree with her. While democrats are attacking the president for not taking more action to bring down gas prices — Koch says that’s part of their efforts to try overshadow the positives of the administration.She says he’s trying to bring gas prices down, and she says they’re not as high as they were in the 70s. She says the economy is doing better and she stresses how much better the economy is doing. The war in Iraq, and the death of American soldiers is another top issue. Koch says the positives there also get overshadowed. She says freedom is important and we’re blessed as American to be free. She says we’ve been able to do so much that’s positive in Iraq. She says women and children in Iraq are free to speak when they haven’t been in the past, and we’ve opened new schools. She says a lot has happened, and it is difficult. Bush Koch spoke in Cedar Rapids today.