Kids from across Iowa and many other states will learn about Iowa’s most famous Victorian-era house in five special day-camps this summer. Alissa McKinney is spokeswoman for the Terrace Hill Foundation, which preserves and promotes the Iowa Governor’s Mansion. McKinney says the kids who attend the camps in Des Moines look the part. Girls wear Victorian skirts the Foundation has had made while the boys slip on Victorian vests over their shirts. They’re taken on scavenger hunts in and around Terrace Hill after learning about the origin of the word Victorian and the three-story brick mansion itself, which was built in 1869. Kids learn Victorian-era games like jacks, croquet and marbles. They’ll make crafts from that period like paper fans and seashell frames. They’ll make some of their own snacks too, like hand-cranked ice cream. McKinney says the day-camps, which are for kids between first and fifth grades, are designed to be active, fun — and educational.The dates for this summer’s sessions are June 7 and 14, July 19, and August 2 and 9 from 8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. The June and July camps will focus on everyday life in Victorian times, while the August camps will concentrate more on Victorian traditions and customs for holidays and special occasions. For details on costs and reservations, call (515) 280-3980 or e-mail McKinney at “[email protected]”.