After a full weekend of very destructive weather, experts say more severe storms may hit Iowa later today. Brad Fillbach, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, says the forecast is -not- what a lot of people want to hear. Fillbach says the southern half of the state faces the potential for more severe weather and heavy rains. Many communities are already drenched and flooded after up to nine inches of rain fell in parts of the state since Friday. Fillbach says be warned — more rain is on the way. He says the rain may start again around mid-to-late afternoon in western Iowa. The storms will likely work their way across the state over nine to 12 hours, bringing what could be more heavy downpours to already-waterlogged areas of the state. Fillbach details what all may be included in the foul weather forecast.It’ll be similar to what we had over the weekend — heavy rain, lightning, hail, thunderstorms and the potential for tornadoes. Fillbach says a final tally is -not- yet complete but reports indicate Iowa saw nearly 20 tornadoes since Friday.