Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he supports President Bush’s suggestion to level the Iraqi prison that’s been the subject of so much attention in recent weeks. In his address last night, the president proposed tearing down the Abu Ghraib prison, where it’s alleged Iraqi inmates were abused by U.S. troops. Grassley says Bush has a good idea. Grassley says the prison “oughta’ be torn down” as it’s a symbol of what “brought distress to the American people and hurt our missions overseas.” He says the prison was also considered a torture chamber during the regime of Saddam Hussain so he understands why some might want to preserve the sprawling building.Grassley says it would be a little like tearing down World War Two concentration camps where Nazis gassed and killed Jews by the millions. He says perhaps some of the prison should be preserved for posterity, but the rest should be demolished. Critics of the president’s plan say it should be the Iraqis who decide what to do with the prison, not the U.S.