Some residents in the small Humboldt County town of Bradgate are moving from the clean-up phase to the rebuilding stage, but key construction supplies are badly needed. About 40 of the town’s 50 homes were significantly damaged or destroyed in Friday’s tornado. Bradgate resident Sue Wallace says she’s thankful for what she -does- have. She says she has a roof over hear head and there’s a lot of people in the town that don’t have that. She says she also has insurance, and a lot of people don’t. Wallace says she also has friends.Hundreds of volunteers have streamed into Bradgate from across the Midwest to help the 120-some residents try to restore order to their lives. Wallace says she was fortunate to get an early warning that the twister was headed her way.Bradgate officials say several types of construction supplies are needed — shingles, glass for windows and sheets of plywood. Anyone who can donate those items or cash for their purchase should call Bradgate’s Operations Center at (515) 375-6020.