Memorial Day is the kick-off holiday of the summer season, and many Iowans are putting foot to peddle. The weather’s warming up, and more bicyclists are sharing the roads with cars. Scott Falb of the Iowa Department of Transportation warns bikers they must follow the same rules of the road as those cars. Falb says Iowa lawmakers tried to make the rules more clear in the mid-80s. Falb says there used to be a lot of confusion about whether bikes were permitted on the roads. Iowa law asks bicyclists to stay close the right edge of the road, and to ride in the same direction as other traffic. In addition, bikes must abide by the posted speed limit. Falb rides a bike and offers some advice to other travelers on two wheels. He says bicyclists are “virtually invisible” to motorists, so cyclists need to be especially aware of vehicles, particularly those coming up behind them. The Iowa DOT has bicycling safety tips printed on small cards the size of the plastic you carry in your wallet.If you’d like one, call 515-239-1713. You may also get one via e-mail by contacting Kathy Ridnour at [email protected].