Time is running out for Iowans who aren’t yet registered for the state’s primary election.  Tomorrow is the final day for Iowa voters to register before the state’s June 8th primary.  State and Federal candidates will be selected, along with city and county hopefuls in most places.  Turnout in primary elections is traditionally low.  Adair County Auditor Jenice Wallace says there are some people who tend to not want to declare a party — the same ones who tend not to vote heavily in primaries. Under Iowa state law, primary voters must choose a Republican or Democratic ballot.  In Adair County, that led to only one third of general election voters casting ballots in the 2002 primary election and a slightly higher figure, 37 percent, in 2000.  Across the state, just one-tenth of the population voted in the 2002 primary, about 303-thousand people.  Registrations will be accepted until 5 p.m. Saturday.