The American Red Cross is putting out a plea for more money so it can continue helping Iowans who were hit by the recent tornadoes, severe storms and flooding. Bobbie Bishop, spokeswoman for the Central Iowa chapter, says the Red Cross is spending much more than it’s taking in to tackle the relief efforts across the state. It’s estimated the efforts will cost about 100-thousand dollars but only about 17-thousand has been collected so far. Bishop says she’s hoping Iowans who haven’t been effected by the various disasters will pitch in financially and help their neighbors. Donations can be made to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund by calling 800-HELP-NOW or the nearest local chapter. She says 36-thousand dollars has been spent so far on this round of disasters in Iowa. The money is going toward things like: serving more than four-thousand meals, distributing 570 cleanup kids, and helping 133 families find shelter and clothing. Sixty-five Iowa counties have been designated as state disaster areas. Some 14-hundred homes were damaged in about 50 counties.