Governor Tom Vilsack has appointed a retired educator from Council Bluffs to the Iowa Board of Education. Wayne Kobberdahl says Iowa’s education system is among the best in the country and he wants to do what he can to keep it that way, and improve it. He says he has a son and a daughter-in-law that teach in Des Moines. The Governor has appointed Kobberdahl to serve a six-year term on the state Board, but he must be confirmed by the state Senate next year. The Senate this past spring rejected Vilsack’s previous choice, Jonathan Wilson, a gay lawyer who served on the Des Moines School board for 12 years. Kobberdahl says a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue.Kobberdahl says it’s not an appropriate question, although he says he is not gay. Kobberdahl was a teacher in North Dakota and California before joining the faculty at Waldorf College in Forest City. He worked in the adult and continuing education department at the University of Nebraska before returning to Waldorf for three years. Four years ago, Kobberdahl retired from Iowa State University, where he’d served as a community development specialist for 27 years. Kobberdahl current serves on the board of Iowa Western Community College and is a trustee for the Iowa Association of Community Colleges.In a prepared statement, Governor Vilsack said Kobberdahl brings “a wide range of experiences and skills” to the volunteer job serving on the state Board of Education.