The Republican Party of Iowa -will- hold its state convention this Saturday in Des Moines. Gentry Collins, the party’s executive director, says a few changes have been made to the program to commemorate former President Ronald Reagan’s life — and recent death. Collins says Reagan “embodies everything that is right” about the Republican Party and a tribute “is certainly fitting.” On Wednesday, Iowa G-O-P officials will lay a wreath near the downtown Des Moines marker honoring Reagan. Collins says they’re planning a barbecue at Republican Party headquarters near the statehouse for Friday night from five to seven p.m., on the eve of the state convention. You can get reservations by calling the Republican Party at 282-8105. Collins says 25-hundred republican activists are coming to Des Moines for the state convention on Saturday, and he says that’s why they wanted to have the get-together the night before. The format for Saturday’s convention has been slightly altered. There’ll be a moment of silence for Reagan, but beyond that the convention will go on as planned, although G-O-P candidates and aides are being told not to engage in too much partisan sniping at democrats this week.