Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is in Washington, D.C. today for the national funeral for former President Ronald Reagan. Vilsack says he entered political life as the mayor of Mt. Pleasant when Reagan was in office — but says he never met Reagan. Vilsack, a democrat, says he likely won’t be the only person who didn’t know Reagan.He says the invitation was extended to the nation’s sitting governors. He says Mrs. Reagan thought process behind that was her husband served honorable and successfully as the governor of the largest state in the nation. Vilsack says there’ll likely be a lot of governors attending who never had personal contact with Reagan. Vilsack traveled to Washington from a conference he was attending at the invitation of the governor of North Carolina. Vilsack says the governors will be bused in to the National Cathedral under heavy security. He says once they get inside the cathedral, his sense is that it will be the best protected place in America at that point in time.