After spending several years working in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, an Iowan is returning to his native Des Moines to shoot his first feature film. Mas Gardner will start auditions today for a movie that’ll be a comedy called “Boone Style” which will be filmed this summer in Iowa’s largest city. Gardner needs to fill 17 acting positions for people ranging in age across five generations — from as young as two years old to senior citizens. He says the movie is about a “typical semi-dysfunctional Midwestern family reunion” and it’ll be shot on three locations in Des Moines from late July to late August. Gardner says you don’t have to be a seasoned professional actor to be a good candidate for a part.He says it’d be nice to have people with some acting experience for a few of the key roles, but there won’t be anything too demanding asked of them. The narrator of the story and the star will be a girl around the age of eight. Since this is Gardner’s first feature film, the big question is — do the actors get paid?Yes, they’ll be paid, but it’s still uncertain just how much. Gardner’s worked as an assistant director for several big-budget Hollywood productions, pilots and music videos, but this will be his first feature as director. Auditions will be held by appointment only at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Gardner’s alma mater. To schedule an audition, call (310) 866-1972.