Iowa governor Tom Vilsack is blasting the Medicare prescription drug cards now available to seniors. He says they’re too confusing and don’t save enough money.He says Lipitor, a popular drug used by seniors, will be 10 to 12 dollars more expensive under the Bush administration’s discount card program than just walking down to the corner store and buying it, adding that’s the difference between being able to have a meal and not affording it on a fixed income. Vilsack says seniors shouldn’t have to choose between basic necessities and the drugs they need. Governor Vilsack complained about the Medicare drug cards on a conference call arranged by John Kerry’s presidential campaign. It followed a weekend poll that listed North Carolina senator John Edwards as voters’ heavy favorite to be Kerry’s running mate. When asked by reporters about his place in the vice presidential race, Vilsack declined to comment. Vilsack says the purpose of the call’s to outline how the administration’s failed to show seniors the discount card will make any difference in their costs. Meanwhile the continued criticism of the Medicare drug card program has rankled Iowa senator Chuck Grassley, a key author of the program. Grassley says this kind of talk does a disservice to the many elderly and disabled Iowans who may benefit from the prescription drug cards.