The chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, who’s on active duty with the Army Reserve in Iraq, says he’s praying for a peaceful transfer of power at month’s end. Major Chuck Larson, a command judge advocate with the 372nd Engineering Group, says the violence is lessening.While it’s still very dangerous, Larson says there’s clearly been a settling in the hostilities in the past few weeks since the naming of the interim government leaders. While there have been several recent deadly bombings in Iraq, the Cedar Rapids lawyer says things are much more calm around Baghdad, where he’s stationed.Larson, who talked with Radio Iowa via satellite phone, says the changeover will happen June 30th and will show the Iraqi people “promises made by our nation are promises kept.” He says the Iraqis are very thankful for the job the US military is doing.Larson says “They’ve told me a number of times, ‘Please don’t go until we have stability and our government is moving in the right direction.’ They’re a kind and committed people to democracy and they appreciate the opportunity we’ve given them.” Some in the US have expressed concern about turning over former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to the interim government, fearing he might escape or not get an appropriate trial. Larson says those concerns aren’t valid.Larson says “The American people can have confidence in the new Iraqi leadership. They’re freedom-loving people. They seek stability and opportunity for this new nation and we will continue to work with them to ensure that the transfer of power all the way through the January elections is as peaceful as possible.”