Children who are fascinated by storms — and kids who are frightened of them — might check out a special one-day program tomorrow (Saturday) at the Science Center of Iowa. Sally Dix, spokeswoman for the facility in Des Moines, says the exhibit “Lightning, Storms and Severe Weather” will enable kids to safely enter the eye of a big storm and learn all about the vast power of Mother Nature.A National Weather Service representative will give an interactive lecture on how they forecast the weather, how doppler radar works, what causes lightning and how it varies in addition to giving safety tips about what to do if you’re caught outside during a storm. Dix says another guest speaker is Jim Farnham, a storm chaser from Violent Skies Expeditions. He takes people into the eye of storms and tornadoes on trips. He’ll bring videos and photos from his first-hand experiences with severe weather throughout the Midwest, and will offer a tour of his storm-chasing van. There’s also an exhibit where kids can make their own tornadoes. Dix says some kids are afraid of big thunder-boomers, but she thinks once they understand more about how storms form and move, they’ll get over their fears. She says “That’s part of the mission of the Science Center of Iowa, is that through knowledge and understanding comes power.” For more information about the exhibit, visit the website “” or call 515-274-4138.