Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle has formed his own political action committee. He’s raising money to dole out to other republicans. Nussle calls it the Iowa Priorities Action Committee — or Iowa PAC. Nussle says after serving seven terms in the U.S. House, he has leadership responsibilities, and he’s raising the money to help ensure other Iowa republicans up and down the ticket are elected. Radio Iowa asked Nussle if the PACK is one a way to build support for his own bid for governor in 2006.Nussle says no, it’s a way to do what he can to ensure there’s republican leadership. He says there’ve been complaints over the past couple of elections that republicans haven’t done as well as democrats in Iowa in getting their message out to voters, and Nussle says his effort to respond to those complaints. F-E-C records indicate Nussle has raised over 100-thousand dollars for his Iowa PAC. Most of the 35-thousand dollars that’s been spent has been on covering expenses related to that fundraising but he’s given fellow republican Congressman Tom Latham a thousand dollars and he’s given five-hundred dollars to Stan Thompson, one of the republican candidates for Congress in Iowa. The F-E-C records posted on the Internet cover only those donations made through the end of March.