The Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation is joining with a national program that lets students help pay off their loans by buying stuff. Corporation spokesperson, Suzanne Lowman, says they’ve linked with the “Upromise” program. She says it’s a college savings program that’s been extended to help students pay off their student loans. Lowman says Upromise asks students to register their credit and debit cards, and to purchase goods from participating companies.She says as purchases are made, the companies contribute a portion of the money to a student’s loan account. She says you probably won’t be able to pay off all your loans through the program, but says it will help. She says it depends on how much the students buy, but once they’ve accumulated 50 dollars in their Upromise account, it will transfer, and then every quarter once they accumulate 25 dollars, that will transfer. Lowman says membership is free.She says any borrower can sign up, and they can invite family and friends to sign up too, and the credit will be put into the student’s account. For more information, surf to:, or call 781-707-8400.