An autopsy’s being performed today on the body of a 60-year-old Des Moines woman whose body was found in a Jasper County park Saturday night. Linda McQuerrey’s body was found 30 miles from her Des Moines home, but officials say she did not have a car and rarely ventured more than a few blocks from home, although she did have a habit of catching rides from strangers so she could take empty cans and bottles to the grocery store to collect the deposit money. Jasper County Sheriff Mike Balmer’s heading up the investigation.Balmer says McQuerrey’s well-known in the trailer court where she lived, and most of their leads so far have come from the Des Moines area, although a few people in Jasper County saw some things that are very helpful in the investigation. Balmer says they’re learning more about McQuerry’s whereabouts prior to her death.Balmer says they’re putting together a timeline on McQuerrey’s activities on Saturday, and the sheriff says they’re “making good progress on the case.”