Fans of Star Trek and its many T-V and movie spin-offs are beaming down to Riverside this weekend. The 20th annual Trekfest is held in the eastern Iowa town that claims it’s the future birthplace of Captain James “T” Kirk. That’ll be in the year 2233. There’s a space-themed parade, a Trek tractor pull, costume contests complete with Klingons, and all sorts of stuff for sale, including fuzzy tribbles and rubber Vulcan ears. Darrin Thompson is helping organize Trekfest 20, which pulls in Trekkies from as far away as Germany.Something new this year, a fireworks show Thompson says will feature pyrotechnics that resemble starships from the show. Oh, and don’t forget the Spockapalooza music festival. Thompson says first-time Riverside visitors need to see the actual place where the fictional space hero will be brought into this world. He says to swing by Main Street, look for a small yellow house that’s a hair salon and go out back. There’s a big sign that declares the spot where Kirk’s home will be — in some 229 years.For more information, access “”.