Fremont County Sheriff Steve MacDonald says the intersection of Highway 2 and Interstate 29 that was the site of a van accident this weekend is well-known among locals as a problem. A church van from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, rolled over as the driver tried to avoid hitting a truck that was pulling onto Highway 2.He says the truck driver probably pulled out a little farther than he needed to to make the turn onto Highway 2, and he says the driver of the van may’ve overreacted and got off onto the shoulder. He says such vans are very top heavy. He says once the driver got onto the shoulder it was hard to control the van. MacDonald says there was a fatal accident at the intersection in 2003, and the state is aware of the problems. He says they’re working on making some changes, probably a four-way stop sign. He says the four-way stop sign really works pretty well. MacDonald says the area residents usually don’t have a problem as they’ve learned how to deal with the intersection. He says most of the local people are slowing down because they realize how dangerous the intersection is. He says the state patrol has written a lot of tickets at the intersection and he says they could fill a ticket book every day. Six people were thrown out of the van. At least two of the passengers were injured critically, and the driver, 45-year-old Susan Vandeusen, was seriously hurt.