Iowa teenagers who want to live someone else’s life for a few days might consider auditioning for a new reality show called “Switched.” Jonathon Ruane is casting director for the program on cable T-V’s A-B-C Family Network. He’s coming to Cedar Rapids on Saturday (July 3rd) to interview candidates for the show. Ruane says they’re looking for teens between 16 and 21 who are outgoing and adventurous. He says the program hasn’t ever featured anyone from Iowa so they intend to find at least one teen on this trip. Ruane says those who are chosen for the show will be whisked away for a long weekend. The camera crew shows up on a Thursday and the person is informed via text-message where they’re going. Then they switch places with some other teen, somewhere else in the country for four days and do all sorts of things they’ve never done before in a new location. Ruane says “Switched” is -not- like those reality shows where people eat bugs or jump off buildings. Also, they’re not necessarily looking for wanna-be actors. He says teens are not embarrassed on this show — the goal is to give teens a chance to do something different, to enlighten them and teach them about new people, new cultures and new places. To sign up for the audition, send e-mail to Ruane at: [email protected] and include your name, address, age and phone number.