A spokesman for the Iowa Department Natural Resources says a water problem at a popular eastern Iowa park came at a most inopportune time. The D-N-R’s Kevin Baskins says the water was shut off last Thursday at Pikes Peak State Park near McGregor after high levels of bacteria were discovered in the park’s water system. The D-N-R installed disinfecting equipment and turned the water back on by the next day. Baskins says they don’t know what led to the high levels of bacteria.He says they’re doing an intense investigation of the well system and have found some cracks in the casing of the well, but are still investigating. Baskins says the problem came at the worst possible time when the park was full with people who’re involved in the Great River Excursion. He says there were a lot of people in the park even before the traditional weekend fill up and that’s why they wanted to move quickly to get the water on. Baskins says even with all the campers in the park, there weren’t any illnesses from the water. He says they didn’t have any reports of illness. He credits the campers for their understanding while the water was shut off. Baskins says they’ll continue daily monitoring at the park to ensure the chlorination system is working. Pikes Peak State Park is located in Clayton County and has 77 campsites.