The chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee is reportedly one of the top candidates to become the new director of the C-I-A. Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell serves on that committee led by Florida republican Porter Goss. Boswell says Goss is an able, capable person who has been good to work with. Some of Boswell’s fellow Democrats feel that President Bush should not appoint a politician as C-I-A Director, but he’s not concerned about Goss.Boswell says Goss knows a lot about the intelligence community because of his exposure on the intelligence committee, and he says Goss wouldn’t have to go through a lot of start up preparation. So Boswell says, “I don’t put too much truck in that,” if he passes every other question of qualification.” The biggest hot spot outside the country remains Iraq, and Boswell says he’s pleased that the U.S. handed over control the country early. He says he still feels like we could have done a lot of things different, but says that’s not the point we’re talking about. He says we said we were going to turn the country over on July 1st and did it early, and he thinks that’s a good idea. Boswell says it remains to be seen if Iraq will remain a trouble spot. He says the question is will the Iraqi people straighten up and give the new government a chance, and we don’t know that yet.