The republican who’s waging a second attempt to oust democrat Congressman Leonard Boswell says he’s raised a bit more campaign cash than he did at this point in his 2002 campaign, but G-O-P candidate Stan Thompson still has about a third as much cash on hand than Boswell. Thompson, who’s from Des Moines, is running a second time as the republican candidate in the third congressional district. Thompson says they’re still counting the money, but Thompson estimates he’s got 280-thousand dollars in the bank. That’s about five-thousand more than he had on hand at this point in the last campaign. Boswell, by comparison, has about three-quarters-of-a-million dollars in the bank for his campaign. Thompson isn’t deterred. Thompson says he’s “really gaining traction.” There is pressure on Thompson to raise more money to show he’s a viable candidate despite having lost to Boswell in 2002. Thompson says there’s always pressure on candidates to raise money, no matter what the race. Thompson lost to Boswell 45 to 53 percent in 2002.