Destructive bugs called soybean aphids are wreaking havoc in some soybean fields. Iowa State University agronomist Clark McGrath says aphids have been reported in eastern, southeastern and northwest Iowa. McGrath says farmers all across the state should start inspecting their soybean fields once a week, and if they’re bad enough, it’s time to use insecticide. But McGrath says farmers should make sure they have the pests before spraying, because the insecticide is very expensive. McGrath says anytime farmers have to shell out money, it hurts. McGrath has some tips for scouting out aphids. McGrath says there are pictures of the bugs on the Internet, and while it’s not a lot of fun, it’s easy to scout for ’em once you know what the aphids look like. McGrath says aphids can multiply rapidly. McGrath says the bugs may not be in your field today, but four days from now they could be.