State officials have some advice for Iowans who’re flocking to lakes and streams on this holiday. Rod Slings of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says “when the weather is very good, and we’ve got lots of water around — people are automatically drawn to the water for recreation.” Slings says boaters should make sure they have enough life jackets, a working fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, cell phone, and other required safety equipment. Slings also warns that some streams are running “very swift right now.” Slings says there will be more boaters than ususal out this weekend but there will also be more officers. Slings says all of the D-N-R’s officers will be out this weekend covering Iowa’s waters. Slings reminds boaters Iowa has a relatively-new drunken boating law which holds those who drive a boat to the same standard as those who drive a car. He also says teenagers under the age of 18 to make sure they have successfully completed a boat operators course and to bring their certificates onboard with them. For more information on boater safety, check-out the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ web page,