Just over 100 kids from around the midwest are participating in a summer camp in Johnston that’s more like the Army than the Boy Scouts. Major Regena Aye, the commander of the Civil Air Patrol encampment underway this week at Camp Dodge, says it teaches the kids, ages 12 to 20, the skills used by the Patrol. She says that includes aerospace education, military customs and courtesies, basic drills, career and leadership opportunities. Aye says it’s an intense week of activity. She says the kids are up at 5:30 in the morning, they have physical training, they clean their barracks and have them inspection ready. They march to meals and activities, also participate in drills and sporting events. Aye says the encampment is as close the military as they can get, including uniforms. She says it’s a starting point from some of the participants for a future career in the armed forces. Aye says some of the cadets take it very seriously and have plans to enter the military. She says they work very had to learn skills that can help them when they take that step. Aye, who is from Kansas, says the encampment is a way to train and teach, and get young people involved. She says they usually do it once a year, and include cadets from seven states including Iowa. She says Camp Dodge is a popular place to hold the event. Cadets from Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska , North Dakota and Ohio are participating.