The U-S-D-A has upped the money it’s sending to Iowa for the grassland reserve program this year by 100-thousand dollars. Kevin Reynolds manages the program, and says it has a simple goal. He says it’s to try and keep land that’s already in grass, in grass, and also land that’s now used for crops and timber into grass. He says this is one way to try and keep the grass as a resource. Reynolds says they look for areas that will be cost-effective, and diverse. He says they’ll also look at longevity, and those who put their land in grass for longer contracts will get priority. Reynolds says keeping grassland in the state is important.He says if you have diverse plants, you’re going to have diverse animals in the state and grass is one of the best conservation plants. He says some areas of southern Iowa shouldn’t be in row crops and putting them in grass is a “great deal.” The U-S-D-A is providing just over one-million dollars for the program. For more information, contact your county Farm Service Agency.