Republican Congressman Jim Nussle has given about 20-thousand dollars to 30 republican candidates for the Iowa Legislature. The money comes from Nussle’s political action committee, called the Iowa Priorities Action Committee. Nick Ryan, Iowa PAC’s executive director, says he and Nussle met with G-O-P leaders in the legislature to find out which candidates had the toughest races, and the most need for campaign cash.Ryan says Nussle wants to help republican candidates who have challenging races to ensure republicans retain a majority of seats in the Iowa House and Senate. Nussle is considering a run for governor in 2006, and donating to legislative candidates is one means of building grassroots support for a statewide race. Ryan says Nussle is “helping out” because he has the ability to raise money nationwide because of his position as chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee. Ryan says Nussle feels an obligation to do everything he can “to make sure Iowans have good government.”Ryan says in January, 2004, Iowa’s Democratic Governor, Tom Vilsack, called for a tax increase but republican legislators refused to give Vilsack what he wanted. Nussle has donated to the top two republican leaders in the Iowa House, but not the G-O-P leaders in the Senate. Ryan, though, says this was a “first round” of donations and Nussle plans to give more money to Iowa Legislative candidates closer to the election. Nussle’s wife is also appearing at fundraisers on behalf of republican legislative candidates. The candidates Nussle has given money to, beginning with candidates for the Senate: Senator Jerry Behn, Frank Dowie, Rep. Jim Hahn, Senator Julie Hosch, Ron Longmuir, Senator Mary Lundby, Senator Paul McKinley, Senator Neal Schuerer, Senator Bryan Sievers, Brad Zaun, And here’s the list for candidates for the House: Richard Anderson, Arnie Boge, Rep. Clel Baudler, Patricia Cline, Rep. Chuck Gipp, Rep. Sandy Greiner, Rep. Dell Hanson, Rep. Willard Jenkins, Jeff Kaufmann, Rep. Dave Lalk, Rep. Steve Lukan, Rep. Gene Manternach, Mike May, Rep. Kraig Paulsen, Rep. Christopher Rants, Rep. Dan Rasmussen, Rep. Rod Roberts, Rep. Bill Schickel, Gale Severson,Rep. Doug Struyk.