A Western Iowa home was destroyed by fire yesterday. A neighbor saw smoke coming from the home in rural Cass County, and when firefighters arrived, they discovered the entire east side of the home was engulfed in flames. For a while, it was feared one of three men who lived there might still be inside, but it was later determined all three were at work when the fire broke out. 22-year old Nathan Grieshaber , 21-year old Kevin Schaefer and 20-year old Craig Eilts were renting the recently-remodeled and rewired home, located about two-miles east of Cumberland. Firefighters managed to save a computer and some other possessions on the lower floor of the west side of the home, but the rest of the house was a total loss. There was no official determination as to what caused the fire, but relatives of the home owner said the it apparently started in an area of the home where a clothes dryer was left running.