It appears that human remains have been found in an area just northeast of the Mason City city limits. The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office was called out Wednesday afternoon shortly after noon after a workman reported something that appeared to be human remains. After arriving at the scene, deputies called in the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation to assist in the investigation. Cerro Gordo County Chief Deputy David Hepperly says at this point he cannot reveal the contents of the crime scene. He says they’re gathering evidence and he won’t elaborate on what they’ve found. Hepperly says authorities want to secure and take all the precautions necessary when dealing with the crime scene.He says they want to be making sure they handle the situation with extreme care to gather evidence without harming evidence. The finding of the human remains fueled the speculation that they may be of missing K-I-M-T-TV reporter Jodi Huisentruit. Hepperly says it’s way too early to even make that speculation.He says they’re not making any assumptions on what they have. He says it’s always in the back of their minds that they have the Huisentruit. case and others that aren’t solved.Hepperly says it’s not unheard of that people call in such things. Hepperly says they’ll have a further update on the investigation at noon press conference today (Thursday).