The state’s most prominent black republican got a rousing cheer from about a thousand republicans in Waterloo yesterday when he defined the G-O-P as “God’s Official Party.” Leon Mosley, the co-chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, spoke to the G-O-P crowd just before Vice President Dick Cheney arrived for a pep rally. Mosley welcomed what he called his “brothers and sisters” to Waterloo, and asked the crowd to — in his words “think how proud Abraham Lincoln is.” A few in the audience said yes, there was laughter, then after about seven seconds the crowd erupted in applause. Mosley called the Cedar Valley Area “Moseley Country” and asked the crowd “Ain’t you proud to be a Republican today?” Mosley said President Bush has the “clarity” and “vision” America needs in its leader.Mosley said Bush knows what he’s doing and where he’s going, and “has been blessed by God.” Moseley told the crowd to “we gotta remember who we are and where we came from and this is the G-O-P — “God’s Official Party.” Mosley, who is 57, is a Black Hawk County Supervisor.