Governor Tom Vilsack’s striking back, accusing republican legislators of not telling the full story about negotiations to restore the state’s major economic development program. On Friday, key republicans accused Vilsack of negotiating in bad faith by threatening to act on his own to restore the Iowa Values Fund — dumping any of the related issues Republicans are seeking. Vilsack, who is a trial lawyer, says he made a “back channel” offer to accept changes in the rules for certain lawsuits, changes that may help manufacturers. Vilsack says he’s gotten no response from a public offer he laid on the table to lawmakers, nor has he received a response to his private “back channel” offer. Vilsack says it is therefore “unfair” for legislators to accuse him of bad faith negotiating. Vilsack says he’s trying “all ways to try to reach a resolution.” Vilsack says he was “very disappointed and saddened legislative leaders would suggest” he’s not bargaining in good faith because Vilsack says “that’s just not the case.”Vilsack’s in Seattle at the National Governors Association meeting. Tomorrow, he plans to chat with two companies based in Washington that are considering Iowa for expansion. The Governor says he’ll tell those companies the “full array” of state economic development programs are available to them, including the Iowa Values Fund which is in limbo right now.