A couple of kids in Cedar Rapids who were inspired by a TV story have spawned a big event this coming weekend. Four-year-old Maya Kramer and five-year-old Alex Moffett are best friends and watched a story on the Disney Channel about the “Great American Bake Sale.” The youngsters started asking their moms questions about hungry kids. Gina Moffett says Alex and Maya asked how kids got fed, and if they didn’t have any money, how did those kids get food. Gina says she and Heather Kramer, Maya’s mom, decided since the kids were interested in the topic, now was the time to capitalize and teach them how to give back to the community. It’s all pretty simple to Maya — the four year old.Maya says “kids who didn’t get to eat” are “kinda hungry.” Heather Kramer, Maya’s mom, says the bake sale originally started small. They had planned to just sit at the end of their cul-de-sac and sell a few cookies. Now, they are having the sale in a model home in their neighborhood and about ten families are involved in the sale. Moffett says the kids have been canvassing the neighborhood to help raise cash for baking materials and they have been busy sending out fliers to promote the sale. Gina Moffett, Alex’s mom, says the money raised will go to an organization called “Share our Strength” that’s fighting hunger. Moffett says “It’s awfully easy to have a bake sale and if everyone around the country had a bake sale it would help to end childhood hunger.” The big bake sale is Sunday, July 25, in Cedar Rapids. It starts at 8 a.m. For more information about having a bake sale of your own, check out the Share Our Strength website at “www.strength.org”. The “Great American Bake Sale” idea was introduced last spring by PARADE Magazine and Share Our Strength. More than 350,000 Americans took part, raising more than one million dollars to fight child hunger in the U.S.