The timer is running out on your chance to decorate an egg for the White House Easter Egg Contest. It’s an annual contest sponsored by the Iowa Egg Council where Holly Sorge is a spokesperson. She says they’re looking for a large-size egg decorated to best represent Iowa. The deadline for entering is August 2nd, and the winner will be announced during the Iowa State Fair. She says the winning eggs all go onto the American Egg Board in Chicago and she says they need to have them by December, so that’s why they name the winners during the fair. She says there’s always a lot of interest, and they have had quite a few entries. Sorge says the winner gets some nice prizes. She says first place is 500 dollars, plus a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the egg. The Iowa Egg Council keeps all the eggs and she says they display them in libraries across the state. She says there are a couple ways for you to enter. She says they have a toll-free number 877-469-2344, extension11 or surf to their website at: The winner will be announced on August 12 at the Iowa State Fair.