Iowa’s Governor and First Lady have been center stage in many Kerry campaign episodes this past year, and it will be no different in Boston at the Democratic National Convention. Governor Tom Vilsack leads the party’s platform committee and First Lady Christie Vilsack has a speaking role Tuesday night on the convention floor. On Monday night, Mrs. Vilsack will host a book party at the Boston Public Library that’ll feature U.S. Senators who’ve written books, and “Hillary will be there,” according to Mrs. Vilsack. Radio Iowa’s O.Kay Henderson will be in Boston, covering the Vilsacks and the other Iowa Democrats attending the convention. She’ll also keep her eye out for the presidential candidates of the future who plan to drop by to court Iowans who could prove to be crucial ground troops in a campaign in years to come. You can read and listen to her reports here at, and she’ll be offering a daily blog with her exclusive observations of the serious and the silly she’ll be seeing at theconvention.