Democratic presidential John Kerry will be in Sioux City this afternoon. Iowa is one of the handful of states democrat John Kerry is visiting in these days leading up to his arrival at the Democratic national Convention in Boston. Iowa is considered one of the tossup states for the fall election — that’s why Kerry is stopping here today, and why President Bush stopped in Iowa this past Tuesday. Iowa also put Kerry in the driver’s seat to win his party’s nomination, and campaign staff say Kerry will pay tribute to Iowa caucus-goers in his remarks today in Sioux City. Kerry’s scheduled to land in Iowa shortly before noon, and he’ll speak at the Andersen Dance Pavilion in Sioux City sometime early this afternoon. As he leaves Sioux City, the campaign plans a “meet and greet” with a select group of Iowa veterans who supported Kerry during the caucuses. This is Radio Iowa News Director OK Henderson reporting from the Des Moines International Airport, as I prepare to make my way to Boston to bring you reports from the Democratic national Convention.