A West Des Moines doctor who’s a delegate at the Democratic National Convention is getting some big “snaps” in Boston. Dr. Alan Koslow is on a campaign to get pictures of himself standing beside famous political figures. Despite heightened security around party luminaries, Koslow jumped next to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter last night to get a picture taken with them. Koslow has a wall in his office with about 30 celebrity snaps, and will probably add about 10 more that he’ll get this week. Koslow says he does it because it makes him feel like he’s a part of the political scene. Koslow supported Howard Dean in the Iowa Caucuses, but now supports John Kerry. Koslow, by the way, also had his picture taken with actor Ben Affleck this morning when the movie star stopped by the Iowa Delegation’s breakfast meeting. Koslow jumped in a frame that included two Iowa women who are celebrating their birthdays today.