Iowa State University administrators will institute some changes at this year’s home football games to try and cut down on some problems created by rowdy students. Dean of Students Pete Englin says it wasn’t yet a major problem, but something they had to address.He says there’s a very small minority of the game day attendees that came for a party atmosphere. He says it was probably less than one hundred students, but they still created a problem. Englin says student body representatives worked with the school to try and solve the problem — with the solution focusing on cutting out alcohol.He says they’ve discouraged “dangerous drinking behaviors” with the removal of funnels and beer bongs. He says the other part is getting people into the game to focus on the game, not the partying before the game. The changes will start with the football season in September, and Englin is optimistic they’ll work.He says he’s very confident they’ve come up with a great outcome. The changes include more monitoring of the main parking lot where students gather before and after the football games.