An Iowa delegate at the Democratic National Convention is hoping he made the cut to appear on a national cable t.v. show. If you’ve seen “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, you know it’s a parody of the news, hosted by comedian Jon Stewart – he is cast as the “anchor” of the fake-news show. A couple of comedians who portray reporters on the program interviewed 45-year-old Patrick Johnson of Clinton, Iowa, a delegate at the Democratic National Convention. Johnson decided it was all in good fun, so he answered the fellow’s quirky questions. Johnson says he could tell the guy who was interviewing him was trying to lead him into saying something funny, but Johnson says he “tried to be respectful.” At the end, the two comedians joined to sing a duet of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Johnson says the rendition “wasn’t bad.” Johnson says he watches “The Daily Show” occasionally, so he knows the score and isn’t worried he’ll look silly or stupid.