Former democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean poked a bit of fun at himself this morning when he stepped behind a microphone to speak to Iowans gathered here in Boston. “All I can say is ‘yahoo,’” Dean said, referencing one of the most talked-about moments of the 2004 campaign. In case you missed it last January, Dean gave what has become known as the “I Have A Scream” speech as he tried to rally supporters after his third-place finish in Iowa’s Caucuses. After his speech today, Dean said he “couldn’t resist” letting loose with a “yahoo” in front of Iowans. Dean refused to talk in detail about his campaign’s demise. “I haven’t put a lot of thought into that, and I’m not going to,” he said. “I think we’ve got a job to do, and the job is ahead of us, not behind us. I’ve spent very little time reflecting back on, you know, what didn’t happen and what should have happened. Dean says as a hockey dad who’s seen thousands of games, he realizes there’s no use in thinking much about what he “woulda, coulda, shoulda” have done to win. Dean says he’s doing everything he can to help John Kerry win the election. When asked by a reporter if he would consider running in 2008 if Kerry loses, Dean replied that he was “not going there” – in other words, has is not going to answer that question.