Governor Tom Vilsack says he regrets signing the bill into law that made English Iowa’s “official” language. Radio Iowa’s O.Kay Henderson reports he told a crowd in Boston he wants a Democratic Legislature so he and lawmakers can repeal the law.During a telephone conversation this morning, Vilsack said he was asked to discuss the issue this week before the Democratic Party’s Latino Caucus. But Vilsack said he expressed regrets a few years ago before a Latino conference in Iowa City. Vilsack said he had concerns about the so-called “English Only” law even before he signed it, but felt he had to sign it to get nearly one-and-a-half million dollars worth of money for programs that help immigrants to Iowa. Vilsack said a lot of hate groups “parked in Iowa” to “spew” anti-immigrant messages before he signed the bill, but he said he doesn’t think they’ll return now that he’s resurrected the issue. Democratic lawmakers worry having their Democratic governor bring the issue up again now has given Republicans a red-meat issue for the fall election. Vilsack said he doesn’t think it’s an issue that’s on the minds of Iowans. He was adamant in our telephone conversation that he didn’t think his comments “in any way, shape or form give republicans an issue.” Vilsack said job creation issues will be paramount this fall.