Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is asking the Pentagon to help get an Iraqi family out of that wartorn nation and into the U.S. — perhaps to Iowa. Nawar Hishan worked for the U.S. military as a translator and is now living in northwest Iowa, but Grassley says the man’s family is still in Iraq, where they’re being repeatedly threatened. Hishan has lived in Ida Grove for the past year and was instrumental in helping the U.S. forces capture four of the top fifty-five people on the “deck of cards” most-wanted list in Iraq. Grassley says Hishan’s family, including his parents and three brothers, are at great risk in Iraq and should helped due to the great services Hishan did for the coalition forces.Since he was employed by the U.S. military, Hishan is not eligible for the 200-thousand dollars in reward money offered per capture. At the time, he was being paid 50-dollars a month for his services. Grassley says he met with Hishan about a month ago in Des Moines.