Democratic candidate John Kerry returned to Iowa last night as part of the 22-state, cross-country tour he launched after formally accepting his party’s presidential nomination last week. Kerry spoke to a crowd of about five-thousand at a rally in downtown Dubuque; the Fire Marshall closed the hall and left another thousand people outside. Kerry paid tribute to Iowans for making him jump through hoops as a candidate and then jump-starting his campaign by crowning him the surprise victor in Iowa’s Caucuses.Kerry says he’s “just thankful (he) passed the final test.” Kerry’s wife spoke first, though. Just over a week ago, Teresa (tuh-RAY’-zuh) Heinz Kerry told a conservative newspaper’s reporter to “shove it” and this week in Wisconsin she said the re-election of President Bush would bring four more years of — her word — “hell.” Last night in Dubuque, Heinz Kerry said she found her “voice” while campaigning for her husband in Iowa before last January’s Caucuses. Heinz Kerry says she will forever be grateful to Iowa for giving her the room to find out how to campaign. Kerry defended his outspoken wife. Kerry says his wife is “refreshing” because she “speaks her mind” and “tells the truth.” Kerry was joined by rock star David Grohl, a member of the Foo Fighters. Grohl says he decided to campaign for Kerry after hearing that President Bush was playing Foo Fighter music at his campaign rallies. Grohl played three songs for the crowd before Kerry arrived on stage, including “Learn to Fly” and “My Hero.” Grohl was a member of Nivana, the band led by Kurt Cobain.