Investigators have requested the palm and fingerprints of a 52-year-old Minnesota man who may be a suspect in the disappearance of Mason City T-V anchor Jodi Huisentruit. Thomas Corscadden is currently serving time in a Minnesota prison for a sex-related crime. He’s already been questioned by police about the 1995 disappearance of Huisentruit. In reviewing the case, Mason City police discovered they didn’t have Corscadden’s prints on file. Authorities Tuesday executed a search warrant to obtain the prints. Earlier this week in Mower County court in a civil commitment hearing, Corscadden reportedly made additional statements regarding Huisentruit. When a court agent mentioned Mason City, Corscadden apparantly smiled and said “Jodi Huisentruit,” and when the agent said she did not think Huisentruit was alive, Corscadden reportedly said “No, she’s dead.” Once the prints arrive to Mason City police, they’ll submit them to the Iowa D-C-I crime lab to determine if there’s a match to the prints lifted at the Key Apartments crime scene from nine years ago.