It’s another busy political week in Iowa. Vice President Dick Cheney and First Lady Laura Bush are set to visit Iowa today. President Bush plans to campaign in Sioux City on Saturday. Just last week Bush and his rival, democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, both campaigned in Davenport, on the same day. Kerry or runningmate John Edwards are expected back in Iowa before the end of the month, too. Todd Dorman, Des Moines Bureau chief for the five Lee Enterprises Newspapers in Iowa, says rallies like the one Cheney will hold today in suburban Des Moines are a staple of the campaign. “It’s kind of a traditional American thing to bring a candidate to town, wave the flag and wave the signs,” Dorman says. “I think that’s an important part of politics, being able to lay your eyeballs on the candidate…and I think that enthusiasm may feed in to the organizational work that needs to be done.” Dorman says this week’s activity isn’t surprising since polls show Iowa voters nearly evenly divided on the Bush/Kerry race. Dorman says Iowa’s kind of at Ground Zero, politically. Dorman says with that in mind, it’s not surprising the president and vice president — and the would-be president and vice president — are visiting a lot. Dorman says the frequency of candidate trips through Iowa may be causing some voters to pay more attention to the race earlier than they have in past elections, and that’s why so many have made up their minds, with a tiny percentage of undecided voters in the middle. Mrs. Bush will talk about the economy during a forum this afternoon in Cedar Rapids. Dorman’s been covering Iowa politics since 1995, and his work is published in the Quad City Times, the Muscatine Journal, the Mason City Globe Gazette, the Waterloo Courier and the Sioux City Journal. Dorman also writes a column which is published in many weekly newspapers around Iowa.