The US Marshals Service in Iowa’s southern district is touting that old adage about always getting its man — and woman. In the past three weeks, five of the district’s “top ten most wanted” suspects have been arrested. Deputy Mike Powell says the four men and one woman were caught though “good police work” in places as near as Muscatine County and as far away as Mexico. Powell says they’re proud of their successes and he’s hoping more Iowans and Iowa law enforcement agencies will take note of the Marshals Service’s website. There are two districts in Iowa, southern and northern, and each district puts out its own “top ten most wanted” list of criminals. He says the website is easy to find on the Internet, as are the most wanted lists. Go to “” and click on “local district offices” and a map of the U-S and its territories will come up. Click on Iowa and proceed to either district. One suspect, Donald Mixan, was arrested by U-S Marshals on July 20th in Nebraska. The other four suspects were captured over the past three weeks.