Republican Congressman Steve King says one of the three primary reasons to re-elect President Bush is that Bush supports efforts to ensure legal marriages may only be between a man and a woman. King says there’s a crucial different between Bush and Kerry. King says Bush will stand up and defend marriage for posterity.King says he gets serious about the issue because “the first marriage was in the Garden of Eden.” King says marriage between a man and a woman is the only “proven structure” that passes along important components of our culture, like a work ethic, religious values, how we eat, how we clean our houses. King says there are civil rights for traits like race and sex, but there should be no civil rights for a behavior like being gay or lesbian. As for King’s other two reasons to back Bush, King says Bush should also be re-elected because of the way he’s prosecuted the war on terror and the way he stimulated the economy by pushing tax cuts through Congress. King made his comments to the 12-hundred republicans who gathered yesterday in Clive to hear Vice President Cheney.